Friday, June 27, 2008

Crazy Hair Day (or so I hope)

Adrian has spent all week telling me about "Crazy Hair Day" at her summer program. That it was Friday, that she can't wait!

Remember Adrian wants long hair so bad! After almost 5 years her hair is actually almost growing and she even got almost a real cut the last time I took the rest to see Miss Sarah at Custom Cuts!

So she is really excited when there is anything to do with her hair! She so wants to wear pony tails and braids and other things like her friends and her sisters. She brushes their hair and does mine almost every day!

So today she bounded into my room at 4 am reminding me it was crazy hair day and I had to make sure we did something cool! (Side note, summer camp doesn't even start till 8:45 am........ and getting her out of bed before 8:15 has been a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I get her a drink and send her back to bed..... I get up and get Colin & Melea up at 6:20 to get ready for school..... get them off on the bus.... try to make my coffee, but no here comes my reminder that it is crazy hair day.... I suggest putting in "bugs" from Colin's bug game or maybe some bones or legos............... Possible her resistance to this should have been my first clue! I start to get worried that she might be making up the concept!
Grumpy says "NO" she just wants barrettes and a lot of pony tail holders!
So we spend about 15 minutes trying to put in barrettes and other items.... she wants nothing that matches her outfit, nothing that matches another AND SHE WANTS HAIR SPRAY!!!!
I am really starting to get worried............ is there really a crazy hair day or is Grumpy making it up!!!!
But she is proud and so excited! She loved school this summer, and other than driving her everyday and wasting time and has mommy! It is nice to see her in a room with a lot of kids and we have had five play dates and she is just very pleased and happy all the time!
Daddy drops her off (I even let her wear her flip flops...... another story and argument most of the summer so far) SO I go the biggest hug as she is leaving "cause I LOVE YOU are the best mommy ever". She bounces off to daddy's car! All smiles and happy......
I get my 15 minutes of alone time with my coffee, her blog and I am just praying there really is a crazy hair day..................
Phone...... She was right..... It was and daddy says by far she had the craziest.... though he thought the bugs would have been cute too!


Cheesecake Time Family said...

My daughter says that Adrian's hair looks cute that way!

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I love it! It's very crazy, but couldn't be any cuter!

-Jenna (Lana's Mom)

Anonymous said...

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